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Workout 17.2+

250 + T2B

The workout starts on the Rower. Using the single time feature set your rower to count down from 10:00 Minutes. Once you start rowing you must complete 250m before getting off to complete 10 Toes to Bar, that is one round / 260 Reps (250m + 10 T2b). Repeat this couplet as many times as possible until 10 minutes are up. Your score is total reps. Each Meter is one rep and each Toes to Bar is one rep.

It is only necessary to pass each interval of 250m each round, meaning you will get off the rower at 250, 500, 750, 1000, 1250, etc to do your sets of 10 Toes to Bar.

Standard – Toes to Bar

Scaled – Hanging Knee Raises

10 Minutes – As Many Reps as Possible

  • 250m Row
  • 10 Toes to Bar

17.2+ Score: Total Reps

Use Single Time, 10:00 Minutes, to Set up the workout. 

Judging – Have a competent friend judge your sets of Toes to Bar (Hanging Knee Raises) using the below and well recognized standards. They will also need to watch the 10 minute countdown if you finish the workout while on a set of Toes to Bar.

Toes to Bar: The athlete must go from a full hang to having the toes touch the pull-up bar. At the start of each rep, the arms must be fully extended with the feet off the ground, and the feet must be brought back behind the bar and the rest of the body. Both feet must come into contact with the bar at the same time, inside the hands.

Hanging Knee Raises: The arms and hips must be fully extended at the bottom with the feet off the ground, and the feet must be brought back behind the bar and the rest of the body. At the top of the repetition, the athlete must raise the knees above the height of the hips.

Download the Scorecard HERE


You may redo this workout as many times as you like.

You’ll find this screen in the memory section of your PM3, PM4, or PM5 Monitor

IMPORTANT: All participants MUST use the “Single Time” feature on a Concept 2 PM3, PM4 or PM5 monitor.

For more information on how to set your Concept 2 PM monitor for time intervals, please watch the video or visit the Concept 2 website.

Proof of Performance: Please take a photo of your score FROM the memory section of your monitor. Upload the photo along with your score. We are not asking for any video submissions for the workouts, but we may require the top athletes to video a different workout at the end of the competition.

ALL ATHLETES MUST SUBMIT SCORES BY MONDAY, July 17th at 5:00pm Pacific Standard Time. Please avoid technology issues by submitting scores well before the deadline. Scores must be submitted online, emailed scores will NOT count. You may redo the workout as many times as you want before the deadline. If you redo the workout, you must submit the new score, which you can do by logging in and updating the workout.

Frequently Asked Questions: 

Do I need a Judge? 

Yes, have a competent friend judge your sets of Toes to Bar using the standards above. Judges need to count and make sure each Toes to Bar meets the standard. Also they will need to watch the time if you finish your last round on Toes to Bar, each Toes to Bar counts as 1 rep. The rowers monitor will keep track of the time and meters rowed.

Do my “Rolling” meters count?

Yes, once you pass 250m the rower keeps going, usually an extra 10 – 30m, Those extra meters count towards your next round. For example, if you get off after the first 250m, it might stop at 270. When you get back on row until 500m and each 250m interval from there on (250, 500, 750, 1000 ,1250, etc.)

Will the monitor shut off? 

Only if the Toes to Bar take more than 2 minutes. If this is the case you should change to the scaled category and redo the workout with the scaled movement.

What if some of my information is Incorrect (Category, Division, Affiliate)? 

Please use the live chat box or email us to help you get it corrected.

Where are the Masters weights? 

Masters get to choose between the same options as everyone else. Either pick Standard or Scaled.

Can I do this workout Scaled, and the other workouts as Standard? 

No, once you select Scaled you must stick with that for all 4 weeks. You can’t switch back and forth. If you were in Standard in week 1, you can move to Scaled, but not vice versa. Below are some example of Standard vs Scaled movements. If you can’t do all the Standard movements and weights put yourself in the Scaled category.

  • Burpee over Rower (Two foot take off) / Burpee Step over Rower
  • Chest to Bar Pull Ups / Jumping Chin over Bar Pull Ups
  • Toes to Bar / Hanging Knee Raises
  • Dumbbell Thruster 35/50 / Dumbbell Thruster 20/35

How is the $4000 distributed?

Each week $500 is raffled off to one lucky person who submits a score for that week.

The 5 top Women and Men of the Standard category will win:

  • 1st – $400
  • 2nd – $300
  • 3rd – $200
  • 4th – $100
  • 5ht – $50