• Damper can be set anywhere for all workouts.
  • Rolling starts are ok.
  • You can complete the workout as many times as you want during the designated time frame.
  • Workouts are announced Thursdays at 12:00pm PST and scores must be submitted by Mondays at 5:00pm PST.
  • Once the score submission period has closed, no scores may be entered. No exceptions.

Row’d Royalty Divisions – Select the proper division per your height.

  • Standard (Women under 5′ 6″ (<168cm) / Men under 5′ 11″ (<180cm))
  • Tall (Women 5′ 6″ and above / Men 5′ 11″ and above)
  • Age Groups (as of June 6th, 2024)
    • 40 – 49
    • 50 – 59
    • 60+

4 Person Teams

  • All 4 competitors MUST register themselves as individuals FIRST along with submitting their own individual scores on a weekly basis.
  • Teams are made up of 2 Men and 2 Women. They DO NOT have to be from the same Gym, State, or Country.
  • The Team Captain needs to register his or her team and will be the only team member to submit a team score.
  • Team Captains need to submit their Teams scores by the appropriate deadline in addition to their own score.
  • The Team score is the sum of all 4 team members scores.
  • If any team member does not submit a score or complete a workout the team is disqualified.
  • Concept 2 Rower
  • ATTENTION International participants – Some prizes cannot be shipped internationally. You will NOT receive cash equivalents for prizes if you win a category or workout. We will have have separate prizes for our international winners in the form of Gift Cards or Cash from our sponsors that are yet to be determined.

Please take a photo of your score FROM the memory section of your monitor. You should upload the photo along with your score, but it is not required. Those at the top of the leaderboard NEED to upload their photo when submitting all results because we may ask you to submit it for proof of performance at a later date. We are not asking for video submissions for the workouts, but we will require top athletes to send in a video of them doing a workout at the end of the competition.

All athletes must submit their scores by the specified times for each workout. Please avoid technology issues by submitting scores well before the deadline. Scores must be submitted online through the proper software. Emailed scores, Facebook/Instagram comments, or anything else will NOT count. You may redo the workout as many times as you want before the deadline. If you redo the workout, you must submit the new score, which you can do by logging in to update your score.


PERFORMANCE VALIDATION VIDEO: A video is NOT required for weekly RR workouts. But, if you place at the top of the leaderboard we reserve the right to require you to complete a “VALIDATION WORKOUT” with video. If you are required to complete a VALIDATION WORKOUT, please follow these steps for your video recording: 

  • State name and division competing in prior to the workout
  • Show monitor screen (zoom in) starting at zero
  • The camera must face monitor and athlete rowing the duration of the row
  • Show monitor screen (zoom in) at the completion of the row with your score
  • Show the memory screens last workout and your interval splits


HEIGHT VALIDATION VIDEOS: At the end of the 3 weeks, we may require the Open Division winners to submit a separate video with  height being measuring with a tape measure to confirm correct division.

  • Stand with back to wall and tape measure to the side
  • Feet and Head must be in full view
  • Place a book or piece of cardboard on top of the head (extending to the wall) to indicate height on tape measure.